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fincs' AutoHotkey website

Here you can find information about my AutoHotkey projects.

Miscellaneous file archive

Hosting generously donated by daonlyfreez.

Active projects


A script editor based on SciTE especially built to provide the best possible AutoHotkey coding experience.

More information... - GitHub repository


Official AutoHotkey script compiler.

GitHub repository

Bundled with AutoHotkey


A script for easily creating StdLib documentation.

More information... - GitHub repository

AFC - AutoHotkey Foundation Classes

A thin object-oriented wrapper around some of AutoHotkey's functionality (including GUI).

More information... - GitHub repository

Dormant projects


A library for creating COM IDispatch callable objects in AutoHotkey. Coded as a replacement for Lexikos' DispatchObj() function.

More information...

Unmaintained project. The code has been integrated into SciTE4AutoHotkey.

Scenic Ribbon for AutoHotkey

A wrapper for the Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon control.

A demo was released and some new code was produced, but it is still unfinished.


This library allows you to dynamically execute AutoHotkey expressions on the fly, with NO temporary scripts at all.

More information...

AutoHotkey version dependent hack that was doomed to be broken.

Defunct/obsolete projects

OOP preprocessor

A program that simplifies the programming of classes in AutoHotkey_L.

More information... - GitHub repository

Superseeded by AutoHotkey v1.1's built-in class syntax


64-bit version of AutoHotkey_L.

Merged into AutoHotkey_L

Native COM support for AutoHotkey_L/U

My attempt at building COM support into AutoHotkey_L/U.

Superseeded by Sean's COM code, which got merged into AutoHotkey64


A library for playing media files.

Superseeded by MCI.ahk

EasyBMP for AutoHotkey

A library for manipulating BMP images.

The code is horribly outdated and there's a better GDI+ solution.


A wrapper for the Windows Vista/7 TaskDialog.

The code is horribly outdated and it has been superseeded by TheGood's TaskDialog wrapper.

AutoHotkey_L Porting Pack

A custom installer that installs all AutoHotkey_L versions side by side, for porting reasons.

More information...

Rendered obsolete by AutoHotkey v1.1.08's new installer.