Extensions [v3.0.04+]

SciTE4AutoHotkey's functionality and behaviour can be extended through the use of Extensions. Extensions are packages that contain setting files, Lua scripts and other files necessary in order to provide such functionality and behaviour. They are distributed as compressed packages (.s4x) that are decompressed when the extension is to be installed.

Managing Extensions

In order to manage your Extensions, right-click on the toolbar and select "Extensions > Extension Manager". The Extension Manager window will pop up.

In order to apply changes, close the window.

Developing Extensions

Extensions have an internal package name which is intended to be unique for all extensions. The name should be a valid file name and should not contain spaces. It is recommended that it be lowercase. The recommended way to name your extensions is: usr.author.extension_name.

Extensions are stored in the %SciTEProfileDir%\Extensions folder, each in its own subfolder (named after the internal package name). Each extension has a manifest.ini file which contains information about the extension:

The "Create extension" dialog allows you to easily start writing an extension; providing template code. When the manifest is changed, you need to make SciTE4AutoHotkey reload it by right-clicking on the toolbar then selecting "Extensions > Reload extensions".

Utilities Available in Extensions

Lua scripts

The following API is additionally available:

RegisterEvents(eventTable) -- Chains events specified by the table. See the Lua script template for more details.
CancelAutoComplete() -- Cancels the AutoComplete popup.
isInTable(table, elem)
GetFilteredLine(lineN, style1, style2) -- Retrieves the text of the specified line that is not styled using the specified numbers.

g_SettingsDir -- Global variable, points to %SciTEProfileDir%\Settings.

SciTE properties

The following properties are additionally available:

Toolbar definition files

The following dereferences are additionally available: